EOS WORLD FUND LAUNCH, Jan. 19th, 11AM at Sundance Film Fest 2018

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Recipients Julie Dash and Nina Menkes
Nina Menkes’s Cinematic talk:
Sex and Power: the Visual Language of Oppression
EOS to support Nina Menkes’s
with Ziad Bakri and Nina Hoss
JANUARY 19, 2018- 11AM-12:30pm–The Black House,
Sundance Film Festival 2018
reception immediately following!
Dear Friends:
I’m delighted to invite you to the THE EOS WORLD FUND launch, featuring my cinematic talk: “Sex and Power; The Visual Language of Oppression”, at Sundance 2018.
The Eos World Fund is a new global initiative that supports bold and innovative women directors.  Created by Apricot Films’ visionary producer/director Gwen Wynne, EOS is a concrete, productive response to the crisis involving the severe lack of women helmers in cinema.
Gwen Wynne’s EOS World Fund is notably different than other similar initiatives, in that it seeks out material and artists who are known for their unusual, innovative and provocative cinematic work, in both form and content.
I’m thrilled to be one of the first two recipients, along with feminist film pioneer, Julie Dash.
The Eos World Fund launch at Sundance 2018
will take place at The Black House,
Friday, January 19th, 11am-12:30pm.
Reception following
The launch will be featuring my presentation, “Sex and Power; The Visual Language of Oppression”, in which I discuss how the recent tidal wave of sexual abuse and assault revelations connect  to the visual grammar of cinema.  Drawing on insights from Laura Mulvey’s sadly, still highly relevant essay, “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, my talk shows clips from a variety of iconic films, starting in the 1940’s through the present, to show how women are photographically disempowered on screen.
I first wrote about this issue in my FILMMAKER magazine article on November 30, 2017: “
The Visual Language of Oppression: Harvey Wasn’t Working in a Vacuum”.  Much to my amazement, the article was named FILMMAKER’s #1 most popular post of 2017, and Amazon Movies’ Ted Hope, tweeted that my talk is “now my @Sundance2018 #1 MUST SEE!”
Read the original article here: http://filmmakermagazine.com/103801-the-visual-language-of-oppression-harvey-wasnt-working-in-a-vacuum/
I’m also very happy that the EOS World Fund is providing significant seed financing for my new feature project, MINOTAUR REX, a radical re-telling of the ancient Greek myth. Set in contemporary Jerusalem the film is both a thriller, and an allegory for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Palestinian actor Ziad Bakri, and German star Nina Hoss are attached.
Julie Dash, the first African American woman to direct a theatrically released feature film, DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST (1991), is a feminist film pioneer.  Julie will be present at the launch and we’ll be participating in a panel discussion after my talk: Women in Charge: Through a New Lens.
The panel will be moderated by Rachel Wattanbe-Batton

A reception will follow.
I well remember that both Julie Dash and I were among the first women to present features at Sundance, back in 1991. Julie was there with DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST; I showed QUEEN OF DIAMONDS.
So, it feels happily synchronous to announce that Scorsese’s Film Foundation has just awarded a restoration grant to Mark Toscano at the Academy Film Archives, to photochemically (means: on 35mm film) restore my feature film, QUEEN OF DIAMONDS, with additional funds for creating a high quality digital copy! Grants are given to work that is considered “culturally and historically significant”.
The EOS World Fund Launch is presented by The Black House at Sundance, and sponsored by New York Women in Film, and the African, woman-owned production house: Moon Valley Studios, Hyphenate and California Institute of the Arts.
For any other additional information, please contact me directly at: nina@ninamenkes.com
I hope to see some of you soon, at Sundance 2018.
In the meantime, with my very best wishes for happy, healthy and creative new year.